How to choose the best Spanish to English Translation Company in Toronto?

Due to globalization and migration of people from one country to another, the need for translation of files and documents has increased.

In a country like Canada which takes about 250,000 immigrants each year, the need for translation has increased as well.

Companies, individuals, and government officials are always in dire need of translation services to keep with all their activities. Hiring a full-time employee or team might not be a viable option especially if you’re having seasonal work or you’re on a tight budget.

That’s where translation companies come into play. They handle work ranging from just a piece of paper to pile of files, and you can just pay them for the work and no monthly fees.

But due to the demand, the number of companies is increasing as well. Some are really good at it, while others are not. To help you deal with the right one, we’ve laid out three points to consider.

Figure Out Your Needs

Before even choosing a company, you have to know your own requirements first. Figure out whether specific parts of the document or the whole document need to be translated, mark high priority areas if any like numbers or names, choose what formatting your document should follow.

Specify your needs clearly in a document and be clear on the points with the company you’ll be contracting with. This will save you time trying to fix things if something goes wrong and needs to be followed up on.

Also check if your company needs to be based on your city or not. Usually a person in Toronto would like to deal with a company based on Toronto.

Research about the Company    

Now that you’ve figured out your needs, researching online will give you a list of companies to contact. You simplyGoogle the phrase “Spanish to English translation in Toronto” (if you’re requirement is Spanish and you’re in Ontario), and Google will return you the best companies out there.

Research all the companies individually and look for the reviews they’ve got on various websites. Google Reviews will be the first place to start. Too many negative reviews will conclude that they’re not good in their business or their reputation management.

Check if they’re featured on any list on any reputed website or are endorsed by any other organization, and if they’ve got any industry body certification.

Also look out for if the translation company deals with your specific industry. This will be a huge advantage because they’ll be familiar with a lot of things specific to your industry which will help them in their translation process.

Check for Pricing

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. So going for the cheapest option available out there, isn’t a smart move especially if you’ve got legal documents which usually need highly accurate translation.

Companies or individuals charging low rates employ amateurs or inexperienced people who may not be used to translate jargons or complex words. Moreover, there might be delivery and support issues which may lead to your project being delayed.

Going for a company that is moderately and competitively priced is generally the best option. You’ll be in lesser risk receiving an error-prone or incomplete translated file.

All these things should help you pick the right company to deal with. You can also inquire further about their working process and how they deal with your files, their confidentiality policy, their money return policy and all to further narrow down your research.

Canadian Translator always follows a very strict confidentiality policy as we deal mainly with documents of legal nature. If you’d like to know more about our services, you can call us at(416) 655 8131 or send us an email