How to translate the word ``College`` in Spanish

As a translator I have extensive experience in translating academic documents such as diplomas, certificates of studies, transcripts, etc. .

One word that can be confusing to translate for some people is the word "College". Some may think that it is translated as "Colegio" , but that would be an incorrect translation.

It is important to emphasize that in Latin America the word does not imply college studies at the university level, as it is to study in a "college" here. This means it is necessary to add an explanation such as "Colegio Universitario".

I have listed here some of the terms that I have used in my Spanish translations. As any good translator must always do, I choose the term that goes best with the context.

  • Instituto Universitario
  • Instituto Técnico
  • Educación Universitaria
  • Escuela Universitaria
  • Instituto de Formación Profesional