Italian to English Certified Translations

If you plan on working or studying in an English-speaking country such as Canada, you will have a lot of red tapes to get through. Our Italian to English translations helps any native Italian speaker submit a sworn translation of their documents from Italian to English. Some examples may include a birth certificate, a university degree, or a certificate of good conduct.

Canadian Translator provides certified translations in the Greater Toronto area. Our team of accredited professional translators is ready to translate any text. But we also offer affordable consultancy and interpreting services, as well as document authentication and legalization. We produce objective translations, stamp each page, and add an affidavit that testifies the accurate translation of the original document.

We Believe in The Importance Of Hiring Only Human Translators

Canadian Translator does not use machine translation tools. Instead, we hire only trained translators that are experts in their fields. They use their Italian to English translation skills to strictly abide by the original meaning of your text. Plus, they make sure to word every content in the most readable way to ensure clarity and readability.

Confidentiality Terms & NDAs

Canadian Translator uses Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). For this reason, every client can entrust us with their most confidential information and document. The attention to the confidentiality of your files or company's data creates a satisfying and unique service experience.

The main goal of each Italian to English translation is to respect the document format and formatting. Thanks to our rigorous vetting and quality control process, we only certify documents that contain a literal translation. But we also offer interpreters to better convey the original meaning to anyone who requests such service.

In any case, we never keep records of the translated texts and make sure that no intentional or unintentional leak is possible. Your documents are safe with us at any step of the translation process.

Why Choose Canadian Translator

Our professional network of specialists lets us provide fast expert advice and prompt certified translations on demand. Not only can you contact us during office hours, but you can also send an email and receive a quick reply to receive all the information about our specialties. Above all, we are always ready to assist new residents and businesses to translate vital documents like legal contracts, marriage certificates, your resume, and work permits.

You can count on us for any related Italian to English translation as we have native Italian speakers as well. If you are not fluent in English and want to communicate with us in Italian, go ahead and send us an email. We will gladly reply to you as soon as possible with all the necessary information to take the next step.

Canadian Translator understands the struggles that some Italians may face when trying to apply for citizenship. So, please consider requesting a consultation to discuss your residence application. We will offer you a very good deal that includes both interpreters and document legalization.

About Our Translations

The Italian vocabulary contains more than 200,000 words. So, we had to hire native Italian speakers to provide Italian to English translation services. But we are glad to have them in our team as they give us that added strength with their unlimited energy.

You can rest assured that in our translations, they will do whatever they can to translate each sentence verbatim. By the same token, do not hesitate to explain your situation in case you need further assistance. We like to take great care when working for some of our