Certified Passport Translation Services


If you are traveling to and from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) which includes the regional municipalities of York, Peel, Halton and Durham and the City of Toronto, and your passport doesn't have English or French text that is required upon your arrival in Canada, we will be of great help for your needs.


Canadian Translator is the premier Passport Translation Services in Canada. We are based in Brampton, Ontario which is just a short 30-minute drive to the Greater Toronto Area.

Immigration Canada has now this requirement of the translation of all passports (into English or French) being used by applicants from the time they first arrived in Canada. This translation is mandatory before the processing of Citizenship or Permanent Residence applications

Immigration Canada also requires that all entry and exit stamps and seals should either be in English or French. They are the ones that immigration officials stamp at international airports around Canada when an individual enters or exits the country.


Canadian Translator offers you certified passport translations based on the languages below, into English or French:

  1. Mandarin
  2. Russian
  3. Macedonian
  4. Bulgarian
  5. Serbo-Croatian (Serbian)
  6. Italian
  7. Korean
  8. Portuguese
  9. German
  10. Spanish

Since we are very accessible to the Greater Toronto Area, you are very much welcome to visit us here at the Canadian Translator office with your passports that need translation. We will photocopy the required pages and we answer every inquiry of yours immediately.

You can also send in your passports by courier if you can't come in person to bring them to the office.

But if you prefer, you can scan the passports yourself and email them to us. If you're doing this yourself, be sure to scan the first page too because it contains your personal details from which the Certificate of Translation will be based.

We would also like to request for your clarification with some of the foreign text because scanned material sometimes can't pick up some details which we could see if you brought your documents to our office.


The translation of the passports will vary. Please give us a call for a quote. For certified true copies, we have a charge of $80.

We offer this service for people who go in and out of Canada with passports that are not in English or French. Our passport translation services require that your passports be left in our possession while we do our translation.

If the photocopy has been certified, your passports will be returned to you together with our translation.

Please note that the Certificate of Translation is not the equivalent of a Certified True Copy. The Certificate of Translation which we provide makes the translation official or legal.

Immigration Canada also requires that a colour photocopy of all passport pages should be notarized as a true copy of the original pages.

If you need translation for your passport, call or contact us today for a Free Quote.

NOTE: The Certificate of Translation (which makes the translation legal, or "official") is NOT the same as a Certified True Copy. This procedure is required for certain applications by Immigration Canada wherein a colour photocopy of all the pages of the passport is requested and that this photocopy be notarized as a true copy of the original.


We offer this service for those people who are unable to do it themselves. It requires that the passport(s) be left in our possession. Once the photocopy has been certified, the passport(s) will be returned to you along with the translation - if this service was also requested. If you are unable to drop off the passports in person, you may send them registered by any of the courier services.