Certified Translation Services

in: English, Spanish, France, Portuguese and Italian.

If you are looking for certified translation services near me in the Greater Toronto Area, look no further because the Canadian Translator unified all translation services under one roof!

The translation is a process of document translation, which is converting written documents from one to another language. Whether it comes to companies who are expanding their operations overseas or individuals who need help in document translation, Canadian Translator is here to help you!

Working with a professional language translation service in the Greater Toronto Area can be a great thing for people and business owners who seek language solutions in order to deal with a global audience.

Professional translations we are currently offering:

A Language Translator Company That Employs Only Real Humans!

Although AI technology has evolved and improved considerably, it still cannot compare to real human translators, ever! Our human translators are highly trained and have the language expertise to understand style, grammar, tone, and idioms that are unique to the translating language, which is, in 99% of cases, lost in machine translation or those translations made by non-experienced translators.

The Benefits Of Canadian Translator In The Greater Toronto Area

Canadian Translator employee only the world's finest linguists that guarantee one hundred percent customer satisfaction. We handle thousands and thousands of projects every year.

We can accurately translate any type of content you might need to grow your business, fulfill your personal needs and desires, and so on, including the following translation services:

These are the types of Spanish & English translations that we do:
  • Immigration Cases
  • Business Proposals
  • Death certificates
  • Birth Certificates
  • Criminal Records Clearance Letters
  • Letters of Invitation to Canada
  • Legal contracts
  • Mining and oil industry related documents
  • School Transcripts
  • Newspaper articles
  • Criminal complaints
  • Personal letters
  • Web pages
  • Import/ Export documents
  • Property deeds
  • Technical Manuals
  • Video and audio transcription
  • Pharmaceutical lab reports

So, if your business is trying to reach foreign markets or you have other personal needs, you will probably need professional and certified translation services.

Whatever the reason is, errors through your translation can make everything look bad. The last thing you want in your important document is to have words that are not appropriate, that is, inaccurate.

However, using the professional Canadian Translator services, you can rest assured that only highly trained linguists are working on your piece- they know words with multiple meanings to make your text translation credible.

As a matter of fact, if you are short on time, our professional translators can start working on your document right away.

Get Specialist In Your Field

Our professional translators are specialized in a particular number of areas which means you get a professional and experienced translator who specializes in your specific area.

That is what makes our services high quality. Our translators have chosen to master the particular field, which means they have vast experience in working on the same kind of text you have.

We are a team of translators and certified interpreters in Toronto. Our area of expertise includes immigration, business and legal matters.The languages we work with are Spanish and English.

For any Immigration need you may have, we can provide you with certified and notarized translations from Spanish to English and vice versa, that comply with the Citizen and Immigration Canada requirements. It can be for citizenship, permanent resident card, work permit, study permit, sponsorship, humanitarian and compassionate grounds applications, visitor visas, refugee claims, extending temporary stays, etc..

Canadian translators in Toronto
Spanish and English Certified and Notarized Translations