Criminal Records Translation Services

Criminal records translation is one of those niche services that can have a massive impact on the future of companies and overseas hires. A criminal records certificate can aid with background checks and visa applications. However, you may need a translation service to translate them into English and keep them legal. Here's why a professional criminal records translation team is so important and how Canadian Translator can help.

Translating Criminal Record Certificates.

Criminal record certificates are important documents for job seekers and employers looking to vet potential hires. This is especially important for anyone working in health, education, and security. Those looking to move to Canada may apply for a certified translation to get a visa or scholarship.

Alternatively, your company may have a recommended new recruit who's prepared to come and work for the company from overseas. A certificate that states the existence of a criminal record will highlight the need to perform deeper background checks. You won't get details on the police records and spent convictions, but it can raise enough red flags. The last thing that schools need is a candidate with a potential background in violence or crimes against children.

The biggest obstacle with these overseas criminal record certificates is that any official documentation is likely to be in the native first language rather than English. What happens when those certificates are in Arabic or Spanish? That's when you can take advantage of professionally certified translations.

Why You Need a Professional Criminal Records Translation Service.

1) Professional translators are skilled in their chosen language.

Accuracy and fluency are essential when working with translation services. You need to be sure that every single word and the nuance of every statement is the same as the original. Skilled professionals can pick up on finer details and context thanks to their in-depth understanding of the language.

You will also find that the best translation companies offer services in a wide variety of languages. At Canadian Translator, these include services to turn Arabic, Punjabi, and Urdu into English, as well as the option to translate English certificates into Spanish.

2) Professional translations are efficient for a fast turnaround.

You might not have a lot of time to wait for this accurate certified translation when in the middle of a recruitment process or applying for a visa. The sooner you can get the document, the better. Professional translators can handle these urgent cases with ease without any compromise on quality.

3) Certified Translations have official status.

This is the most important reason of all. If you don't use a professional service with a sworn translator, the translated document may not be legally valid anymore. Subtle changes in the wording, either deliberate or accidental, could completely change the meaning and make it worthless.

Canadian Translator Criminal Records Translation Service.

If you need a speedy, accurate, and 100% legal translation of a criminal record certificate, we can help. Our award-winning service can handle these documents with care and help you find the best prospect more easily. Contact us today to learn more.